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The Inpatient Ward services at SIUH and LHH is comprised one senior R3 resident (PGY4) and one to two junior R1 (PGY2) resident, internal medicine rotators, psychiatry rotators, medical student clerks and medical student sub-interns.  Residents on the ward service have primary responsibility in taking care of patients admitted to the hospital with acute neurological disease.  Junior residents will develop and grow their clinical skills and begin their role as educators.  Senior residents will continue to grow their clinical skills and hone their leadership skills as they run the ward service team.


The Consult team gains vital exposure to a wide range of neurological complications of systemic disease as well as more common primary neurological disorders at both SIUH and LHH.  The team is comprised of R1 (PGY2) and R2 (PGY3) residents as well as rotating residents from psychiatry and internal medicine programs.  This rotation provides the resident a valuable opportunity to practice the often complex but important skill of effective neurological consultation and team management.  Residents will also be involved in acute stroke management as part of the daytime stroke team.


The Night Float rotation is designed to preserve continuity of care for patients in the hospital by providing consistent care and allowing the day team to be available throughout the week.  The Night Float resident is scheduled for 5 consecutive nights with a minimum of one full 24 hour period off, and never more than 1 week at a time to help mitigate fatigue.  Residents are responsible for managing any emergencies on the inpatient service, seeing consults and responding to stroke alerts and neurological emergencies.  Night float residents are assigned to either LHH or SIUH for their entire block to ensure continuity and limit travelling between sites.  The Night Float rotation week alternates with the Ambulatory Neurology rotation week which is protected from call duties helping to minimize resident fatigue.


Residents will rotate through the Neurocritical Care Unit at Staten Island University Hospital during their  R2 (PGY3) and R3 (PGY4) years.  The Neurocritical Care team are comprised of the resident, internal medicine rotators and 1 - 2 advanced care practitioners (ACP) and are responsible for the evaluation and management of patients presenting with acute severe neurologic conditions requiring close monitoring and advanced therapeutics.  Residents will have the opportunity to participate in dedicated Neurocritical Care Didactics on a weekly basis as well as system-wide Neurocritical Care case conferences.  


Residents will spend a total of 12 weeks on the Pediatric Neurology Service throughout the length of their training.  During these required elective, residents will be directly involved in the management of pediatric and neonatal patients with acute neurological disorders in the inpatient and critical care setting. Residents will also be responsible for supervising and teaching any rotating pediatric residents and medical students on the service.  In addition to inpatient responsibilities, residents also attend pediatric neurology outpatient clinics during their rotations.  Residents will spend 8 weeks on the Pediatric Neurology Service at Staten Island University Hospital and 4 weeks on the Pediatric Neurology Service at Lenox Hill Hospital.  


Residents will spend 4 weeks on the Psychiatry Consultation and Liaison service under the supervision of senior psychiatry residents and psychiatry faculty members.  During this required elective, residents will manage adult patients with acute psychiatric conditions in the acute care setting and participate in selected educational activities with the psychiatry team.


The Research Rotation is scheduled during the R3 (PGY4) year to provide dedicated time to continue and complete research projects that residents have started throughout the course of their training.  


Residents choose six clinical electives throughout the course of their training, with 1 elective in the R1 year, 2 electives in the R2 year, and 3 electives in their final R3 year.  Residents choose electives with the guidance of their clinical and career mentors to construct a course of education that fits their career goals.  Electives can be taken locally at SIUH and LHH, or at our affiliated campus at North Shore University Hospital.  Off-campus electives at other institutions can be taken during R3 years if residents are interested in seeking exposure to areas of neurology that are not available at our program, or to provide additional insight into the approach to clinical care at other institutions.  Some available electives include:

  • Epilepsy/EEG

  • Movement Disorders

  • Neurocritical Care

  • Neuroimmunology/MS track

  • Neurointervention

  • Neuromuscular Medicine/EMG

  • Neuro-oncology

  • Neuroradiology

  • Neurosurgery

  • Neurovascular

  • Palliative Care

  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

  • Headache/Pain

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