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Applicants will need to complete one year of preliminary medicine training before starting their training in neurology. We offer guaranteed preliminary medicine positions at our institutions through our joint Advanced/Prelim (A/P) tracks: 3 positions at Staten Island University Hospital (SIUH) and 3 positions at Lenox Hill Hospital (LHH).  If you are interested in either of these tracks, please notify us when you schedule your interview and we will  coordinate with our Internal Medicine programs.  Applicants applying to the our Advanced (A) track and are interested in our preliminary medicine programs will list these programs on their supplemental rank order list.  Information sessions are held regularly by both IM programs for those applicants interested in preliminary medicine training.


Applicants can also choose to match elsewhere for their preliminary medicine year as long as training fulfills ACGME requirements prior to starting Neurology as a PGY2.


Neurology Program NRMP codes:

Advanced track:  #1515180A0

Joint A/P preliminary medicine NRMP codes:

Staten Island University Hospital Internal Medicine: #1515140P1

Lenox Hill Hospital Internal Medicine: #1483140P1

For more information on the Preliminary Medicine programs at Staten Island University Hospital and Lenox Hill Hospital, please visit their program websites below:

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