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The first year (R1/PGY2) of neurology residency is designed to build the strongest possible foundation to support lifelong learning as a neurologist. In building this foundation, there is no substitute for hands-on clinical experience.  The emphasis in your first year is on managing patients presenting to the hospital with common and complex neurological conditions.  As the year progresses, residents will continue to hone their bedside examination skills as well as balance independent decision making with guidance from other members of the team.  Residents will also rotate through the first of three pediatric neurology rotations at SIUH.  R1 residents are always supported by senior residents and faculty throughout their year, ensuring the confidence and clinical judgement to proceed to the next stage of their training.   


During this year, R1 residents will also start to build their continuity clinic patient panel.  Outpatient neurology, including its many subspecialties, is a key component of clinical practice in your career.  We offer an innovative and flexible system allowing for dedicated blocks of ambulatory clinic time interspersed with subspecialty electives that minimizes the amount of travel between locations and clinic sites.  R1 residents begin following patients in their clinic at the Medical Arts Pavilion at SIUH, building long-term relationships with patients with chronic neurologic conditions.



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