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Residency can have its share of challenges and we are fully committed to promoting the well-being of our residents.  Our program and institutions ensure residents receive the support they need, through direct mentorship as well as institutional resources such as the Resident Wellness Subcommittee and Physician Resource Network. 

Our program is structured to minimize excessive disruptions to resident life and allowing for adequate time off while ensuring quality and continuous patient care.  Trainees have 20 days of paid time off to use as scheduled vacation days.  Trainees are also encouraged to attend to their personal health and well-being with scheduled "Wellness Days" averaging 4 days per academic year in addition to their vacation days.

Most recently, the current pandemic has shown that residents serve an essential role in the care of COVID-19 patients and often serve in the front-lines combating this disease.  We are committed to ensuring the safety of residents and their family members during this pandemic and will ensure that all trainees have the proper protective equipment and support needed to continue their essential functions as the pandemic continues.   

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