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The ambulatory experience is essential in preparing residents for a career in neurology.  The cornerstone of our residency ambulatory experience is the Resident Continuity Clinic where residents will establish, develop and care for their own panel of patients with various neurologic conditions throughout all 3 years of their training.  In addition, the outpatient experience is enhanced by the Ambulatory Neurology Rotation during which residents will have the opportunity to work with individual faculty members in their respective subspecialty and general neurology faculty practices.   


Resident continuity clinics emphasize long-term patient care and is centered around management of patients spanning the spectrum of neurological diseases in the outpatient ambulatory care setting.  Patients are cared for by the same resident throughout the length of their training to effectively establish a patient-doctor relationship while learning to manage chronic issues in patients with life-long neurological disease.  Residents are supervised by faculty members and clinics are held at the Medical Arts Pavilion at Staten Island University Hospital, a dedicated ambulatory center for the typically underserved local community.  Residents spend on average one half day per week throughout their training.  


Ambulatory Neurology rotations are designed to provide residents a wide breadth of experience in both general neurology and different subspecialties in the ambulatory setting.  Residents will have a weekly schedule of assigned clinic rotations with various faculty members in their outpatient faculty practices.  Residents will also participate in subspecialty multidisciplinary clinics during this rotation.  During this rotation, residents will also focus on participating in their own continuity clinics.  Residents will also have dedicated academic time to pursue any research or educational teaching interests.  The Ambulatory Neurology Rotation is typically scheduled in 2 week blocks alternating with the Night Float rotation.

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